Our ORDER MANAGEMENT (OMS) platform can help

  • Strengthen customer relationship by providing real-time order information
  • Reduce organizational challenges by providing holistic view of an order
  • Streamline the order fulfillment process by providing an intelligent and automated workflow engine
  • Consolidate sales reporting across the organization by integrating orders from various sales systems

Our integrated order management platform provides:

  • Advanced Product catalog and Inventory management
  • Intelligent order routing, approval and fulfillment
  • Built-in Customer relationship management
  • Efficient returns and refunds processing and management
  • Financial processing (credit cards, billing, payment on account)
  • Consolidated sales and administrative reporting
  • Audit trail tracks all changes to an order
  • Sales Analysis
  • Order templates, guides and up-sell tools
  • Best of all, the Order Management System is web based, so a vendor can access all of their information from anywhere they have access to internet

The OMS platform built on SOA architecture provides easy integration with your existing applications via web-services. The technology and architecture of the OMS platform allows easy integration into any application irrespective of technology used.

The Order Management System goes far beyond efficient order placement and order processing system. It also provides complete CRM Tool (Customer Relationship Management) that merchants use to grow their business. Vendors can easily keep their product listings and inventory up to date with the click of a button. Included are a variety of reports and statistics that help improve the store’s performance and better understanding of online customer behavior.

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