Enterprise Level Custom Web and Mobile Applications Development - more than
90 enterprise level apps developed using Java, .NET and PHP.

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Serving our Government and our Nation - GSA Schedule 70 Pre-approved Vendor

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Agile Project Management Consulting – Our project managers have a combined
110 years of experience.

Mobile apps
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Cloud Migration and Support – Successfully Completed several Cloud Migration Projects

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QA and Performance Testing - 100% of applications delivered without any bugs.

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Services Deep Experience and Full Time Staff Drive Our Operation

Data Science and Analytics

Apeiro’s Data Science and Analytics services are built on our ten plus years of IT engineering experience, to help you organize and instrument your environment to collect and manage web-scale data and develop strategies

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Cloud Migration Services

Apeiro provides Cloud Migration Services in moving infrastructure, data, applications and platform to the cloud.
Infrastructure Migration: We provide services for migration of infrastructure to cloud in collaboration

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Enterprise Level Web and Mobile Applications Development

Apeiro provides a full spectrum of enterprise level applications development services for small, medium and large enterprise-class business applications.

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Test Automation and Performance Testing

Apeiro partners with clients to deploy software they can trust. Our testing team first fully understands the business needs, works in agile, waterfall or hybrid environments, develops automation frameworks and writes test cases. Our clients

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Our Process Our technical knowledge runs deep. We employ a comprehensive process that fosters efficiency and produces better results.


  • Unique solutions and experienced decisions help control costs and
    execute on ideas for Private as well as Government organizations
  • Long term employees, extensive technical SDLC knowledge
    and a focus on continued learning assures Apeiro Technologies will
    deliver the results you need
  • Knowledge of end to end process drives efficiency and ensures
    product performance

Dedicated Team

  • Dedication to performance, process and creating a solution
    that works helps you scale your business short term and
    long term
  • Years of IT experience fuel innovations and ideas, creating
    the most efficient solutions
  • Nimble and skilled staff empower your team to do more and
    stretch your budget further

Team augmentation

  • Experienced staffing and development processes create the
    right team from the start, reducing hiring hassle and increasing
    speed to market
  • Experienced, trained and client focused staff can scale quickly
    to meet specific requirements and deadlines
  • Rigorous screening process for all staffing and projects, reducing
    hiring times and ensures quality of work
  • Re-badging on Government contracts

Solutions Reach your goals with advanced technology and custom solutions



Startups have unique needs and challenges that we’re well suited to address. Nimble, flexible teams understand the urgency of speed to market and efficiency needed to make it happen.

Media & Entertainment

Demanding consumers and increasing competition creates pressure to reduce costs and come up with innovative and differentiated offerings. We build cutting-edge applications that maximize ROI and fun.


We have insightful understanding of the financial services industry and are experts at image and payment processing. We provide the affordable and flexible infrastructure you need to modernize and enhance your services quickly and affordably.

Communications / Wireless

Business solutions, analytics, data integration and intelligence. We give you the insight you need to effectively implement business strategies, retain and nurture customer relationships and maximize profits.

Federal and State Departments

Our technical expertise with Federal and state departments ensure successful delivery of complex application development, testing and infrastructure projects.


Drawing on a vast depth of experience in the healthcare industry consulting, we have helped develop a broad range of customizable solutions that are sensitive to the specific needs, rules and regulations of this space.

Engagement Models We build teams and solutions that work for you


Our experienced staff can work with you in-house and serve your project on your terms.


We’re a global company that can build teams to deliver on-time and on budget.


Efficiency that’s just a time zone away, we’re poised to deliver with a global workforce.

Our consultants successfully delivered projects at


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